The Solina String Synthesizer

This is a hybrid model which combined both the Solina String Ensemble and the ARP Explorer monophonic synthesizer.  It was built in Bodegraven, Netherlands.  Supposedly only about 100 were ever produced.  The addition of the ARP Explorer to the Solina string sounds made for a very powerful combination.

This synth had four keyboard modes:

- Strings Only

- Strings through the Explorer low-pass filter

- Explorer voice combined with the lower Solina keyboard (contrabass and cello)

- Explorer voice combined with the upper Solina keyboard (viola, violin, trumpet, horn)

Click here for a copy of the Owner's Manual in PDF format
This may be an incomplete manual.  If someone has additional pages, please let me know.

This one was painted white by a previous owner

Here are some detail shots of the front panel

If anyone has anymore information or photos of the Solina String Synthesizer, please email me so I can add them to this page.