ARP Explorer I
Model 2900
Information Resource Page

Owner's Manual
This is a zipped 10.5 Meg file of jpg images

Service Manual
This is a zipped 9.2 Meg file of jpg images

Patch Panel Overlays
This is a zipped 1.7 Meg file of jpg images

Blank Explorer Patch Sheet
This is a 564 KB jpg file.  Thanks to The Audio Playground Synthesizer Museum

4034 Voltage Controlled Low-Pass Filter
This is a 37 KB pdf schematic of the filter used in the ARP Explorer

ARP Explorer Brochure 1
99 KB jpg file

ARP Explorer Brochure 2
156 KB jpg file

ARPeggio Article Announcing the ARP Explorer
238 KB jpg file from the February 1975 issue

Explorer Photo 1        Explorer Photo 2        Explorer Photo 3
Three photos of the webmaster's ARP Explorer

The Solina String Synthesizer
Some information on the very rare ARP Explorer/Solina String Ensemble Hybrid

ARP Repair Locations and Technicians
Information on where you might go to get your ARP repaired and serviced

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